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September Issue   

Welcome back!

I hope you had the chance to create many wonderful summer memories. Mine was winning $60 million in the lottery…oh wait, that was a daydream in a hammock. Still, the memory of daydreaming in a hammock on an endless sunny afternoon by the lake is one I will treasure through the dark days of winter.

For me the real “new year” starts in September with its promise of new beginnings and new friends. Every year our jobs seem to get a little more challenging. There is increasing pressure on resources as class sizes increase and the needs of students get ever more complex. Fortunately, technology can help. Of course it’s not a panacea, but using technology wisely can save you time, reduce stress, and create a better learning experience for your students. Our newsletter is here to help you find some of those new technologies.


As Anne Sado announced on Monday, we will be renewing our Blackboard license for another five years. There are a wealth of features that support student learning and save you time – including new features that will provide more flexibility and options to support a variety of teaching styles and delivery methods. We will be showcasing these over the coming months.

See our Tech Tips below for some helpful tools, and follow our newsletter each month for ongoing technology advice and links. Have a great term!


Lori Nave

Director, eLearning & Teaching Innovation



Pokemon Go Tips

People talk about the risks of having Pokémon Go players on their campuses. But what the benefits? Outreach to the community, at a minimum, and bringing potential students to campus can outweigh any concerns.


Tech Tips























Copy Content and Course Availability

Digi' you know? You can copy content from previous to upcoming semesters in few simple steps? Click here for more details


Digi' you know? Courses are visible to students on Blackboard from their official start dates until their official end dates as per Banner. If you see a message displayed next to the course name that indicates that the course is unavailable to students, but you wish to make the course available, you may do so by changing the start or end date in the Customization page.


The message will be similar to: (unavailable - will be available Tuesday, September 26, 2016). The date varies as per term. 


To change the course availability click on the course name, and under Customization click Properties. Select the required dates under SET COURSE DURATION and click Submit. 



Quick Way to Beat Stress

Who is NOT busy? We all need to manage our personal life, social life, family, work and more... While we all seem to be able to effectively deal with tasks if we take them on one by one, sometimes it can get overwhelming. And then comes the day you say... I've had enough!!!


Hopefully you won't say that in September startup! 


Here are couple quick ways to beat Stress: 


Apps that helps your daily meditation:  



Athletic and Recreation department offer fitness class for $40 and all campuses have a fitness facilities which is free! 


We Want to Hear From You!

How do you use educational technologies? If you want to be featured in an issue of our newsletter or have comments to share with us, send an email to

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