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End-to-End Digital Resource Solution - eTexts


Reduces costs, day one availability, anytime, anywhere access, and no more sore backs! These are just a few of the benefits being enjoyed by students across the college who are enrolled in programs participating in the college’s Institutional-Buy eTextbook initiative.


Did you know that as part of the Digital Learning Initiative (DLI), the eLearning and Teaching Innovation (eLTI) team has been working with programs across the college implementing an eTextbook program where the cost of the textbook is included in the course material fees (Also known as “Institutional Buy”)? From a student’s perspective, it’s great because the cost of the text is significantly less than its hardcopy counterpart and they don’t have to wait for their OSAP to come in to pay for a book. From a faculty perspective, all students have access to their
materials on the first day of class.


There are a number of other advantages to using an eText that is part of this program:
• Improved accessibility with options such as text to speech and flexible font sizes
• Anytime, anywhere access
• The ability to load and sync a book on up to 4 personal devices. These devices can be changed should the user get a new one.
• Forever access, just like a hardcopy book, through users’ personal devices
• The ability to “listen” to the text even where no internet exists
• The ability to print the eText for users who also want a hardcopy

• No need for faculty to offer alternative assessments or offer rebates to students on a portion of their fees in courses that rely substantially on bundled publisher supplied assessments (such as MyLab or WileyPlus) in order to meet Ministry guidelines.


Launched in 2015 with one text, this year there are 5 courses using 8 different texts along with their associated enhanced websites. The program continues to gain in popularity with new requests for 9 courses already received for the 2017-18 school year.


Chef School Chair, Christine Walker pioneered the adoption of a materials fee included eText along with the enhanced publisher homework website in 2015 for the Food Theory I students. Christine said “This text is extremely important for our students. The text is required for all students, not just in Food Theory I, but in many courses throughout the curriculum. Now all students have access to the text and the supplemental internet materials on the first day of class”. This year the Chef School eText initiative has been expanded to include a second text and course in Nutrition.


Bahar Mousavi Hejazi, Manager, Special Projects, and Professor & Program Coordinator in the Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology was instrumental in having the G108, Art and Design Foundation Program adopt an eText for their core curriculum textbook. Says Bahar, “Two years ago the hardcopy version of the text was approaching $200. Today students are paying approximately 25% of that amount for their eText.”


Centre for Business, Accounting Professor, Deirdre Fitzpatick has adopted a Pearson eText and homework package for her Principles of Accounting class. Dr. Tania Sterling, VP, Efficacy and Dr. Tim Cheng, Efficacy & Research Analyst will be working with Deirdre to measure the impact of the pilot in terms of student achievement and experience.


Want to know more about the impact of using eTexts in your classroom? Read Empowering Achievement Through Digital Delivery Of Course Materials which discusses the links between affordability, access and achievement. (Click here to read more)


Anyone interested in finding out more about using eTexts in their programs and courses should contact Debbie Plested, Project Leader, eLTI ASAP. Materials fee requests are due on October 24th for both the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years.



Project Lead, eLearning and Teaching Innovation


"If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”
— Eric Shinseki



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Dear eLTI

Q: I just heard we have an eText program where the cost of the book is included in the course material fees. How do I get in on it for my students? 

A: Time is off the essence. In order to participate in the program, you should work with your chair to include the eText on the course materials fee form. This form is due to Finance on October 24th. New Ministry guidelines now require requests be submitted for both the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years. You will also need to advise the bookstore and eLTI as early as possible.

When your Chair prepares your materials fee forms, they will need to include your eText request on the form and specify the textbook you will be using (i.e. the accurate title and publisher, and ISBN if known, enhanced website/homework access if using, and each course that will be using the text(s).)   The bookstore will confirm the ISBN and pricing first with the publisher and then confirm with the George Brown Finance Department and your Chair.  The bookstore will then work with the publisher and monitor the progress of each new eText to ensure it is ready for the new academic year. Notwithstanding the new Ministry lead times, students will receive the latest available edition of the text at the time of deployment. The eLTI project leader will work with the academic unit to facilitate training and deployment of the eText to faculty and students.

Tech Tips


Supplemental Web Based Resources

How to integrate supplemental publisher resources

Digi' you know, whether you are using an eText or a traditional hardcopy text, many publishers offer supplemental web based resources that complement the text and integrate with Blackboard. 


In order to access these enhanced sites you should contact your publisher support rep who will work with you and train you on how to take advantage of the multitude of features these packages offer.


If you are working with a publisher other than Pearson or Wiley and wish to explore how you might be able to access their materials and possibly integrate them into Blackboard, please contact both eLTI and your publisher rep.



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