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Little bit of this, Little bit of that: Hybrid Learning

A hybrid or blended course is a mixed mode of instruction that includes both face-to-face and online learning components. This allows students to benefit from both the live support of on-campus classes and the flexibility of online modules. The ratio of on-campus to online activity can vary from course to course, depending on the professor's design.

To find out more about blended learning
: Check out the short video introduction and the full length self-paced course on blended learning.

To view the video: Click on the below image to will take you to the overview. If this is your first time logging in to, please follow the login steps in the Q&A section below.

Enjoy your summer and we’ll be back with more eLearning and Tech Tips in September. Don’t miss the BBQ dessert recipe below!

Happy Summer, the eLTI Team.



How do I access the full set of captioned video tutorials and other resources on

To access the full set of Lynda materials through a link, there are several steps involved, but fortunately these are easy, and you can set the browser to save your login credentials!

1. Go to the specific course URL:

2. You'll be taken to a preview page for the course. To access the full course, go to the login area by clicking the black Login button at the top right.

3. Sign in with your organization.

4. Click the "Organization URL" box and type, and hit the Enter key.

5. You'll be taken to a new login screen. Your ID is your employee number followed by (e.g., Your password is exactly the same as your current George Brown IDM password (e.g., the one you use for email and Stu-View).

You now have access to the full course and all of the other rich video resources at the!

Note: An alternative way to access the Lynda resources is directly through our Library Learning Commons here -- from there you can search/browse for more titles.


Tech Tips


Hiding a column from student's view in Grade Centre:

Hide a Grade Center column from instructor – Selecting this does not necessarily mean also hidden from student’s view. To hide a column from students’ access, click Full Grade Centre. Click the column chevron, Edit column information. Under Options, select No beside Show this Column to Students then click Submit. To make the column available follow the same path and select Yes beside Show this Column to Students then click Submit.


A summerilicious suggestion:

Barbeque a slice of pineapple and half of a peach. Add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to it and enjoy. It's a heavenly dessert!



Click to view the recipe:


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