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The e-Learning and Teaching Innovation (eLTI) department supports George Brown faculty members in their use of technology to enhance our students' learning experience, in both in-person and online environments. In addition to assisting and strategizing with professors to create and develop courses, we explore the digital learning landscape seeking new technologies to enhance teaching and learning at the college.

Through one-on-one consultations with our e-learning specialists, professors can take full advantage of the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard and other educational technologies. Our team can assist in designing multimedia objects including videos, interactive activities, infographics and much more. We also investigate new tools and apps that could enhance student engagement. 

Interested in tapping into the resources our department offers? Contact us and let's explore how we can help you.


Mmmm Mmm Good: Mobile-y Delicious

Take a moment to consider this question: What is the first thing you look for when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before going to sleep? If your answer is “MY SMARTPHONE” then we’re on the same page. If your answer was something unrelated to technology, dare I say it--a book--then do still read on! For many of us, ubiquitous mobile technologies are fast becoming our digitalized center of gravity; making anytime-anywhere learning, commonplace. Mobile tech is quickly removing barriers to learning and can significantly enhance student engagement. For any naysayers out there, keep in mind that smartphone usage habits are evolving. Expand...
The same students who readily go scoping[1], take selfies and snaps[2] (possibly during your classes), are seeking meaningful ways to incorporate these devices into all areas of their lives, including education. The "Apps for Apps sake" novelty is slowly wearing off and mobile users are much more discerning about what apps are downloaded onto their devices. Space and data conservation is now a fiscal priority for students.

Keeping the mobile climate in mind, it comes as no surprise that on October 5th, 2015, faculty and students at George Brown College accessed the Blackboard Mobile Learn app over 81 thousand times[3]. That day saw the highest number of logins in the Fall 2015 semester! More recently, during February 2016, Blackboard Mobile Learn app access averaged 37.1 thousand daily logins. To top that off, GBC survey results for the 2015 Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) study indicated that students' smartphone ownership had surpassed laptop ownership. What are the implications of this data? Really, it's whatever you choose to make of it. Can you harness mobile to increase the relevancy of learning materials that your students receive? Do you want to try?

[1] Scoping refers to the POV recordings that a user performs using the app Periscope
[2] Snaps are, "10-second long picture or video messages taken and shared with friends" on the app Snapchat
[3] The Blackboard Mobile Learn app is free on iTunes and Google Play and is smartphone and tablet friendly. Blackboard launched a new, sleek app, for students only, called BB Student, also available for free download.

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Blackboard Grade Center

My Grade Link on the Course Menu

Remember to add the My Grade link to your course menu so that your students can see their grades and feedback in the course. To see how to do this, view this 2-minute video.


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