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- Jan - Ally Can Make Your Course Materials More Accessible

Correction on Jan newsletter: Amazon Kindle does not support the “ePub” electronic book file format! The ePub format is supported in Apple iBooks and in practically all other e-reader apps. Kindle only supports the “azw” and “mobi” e-book formats.

- Feb - Enhance your Online Course with Short Videos

- March/April - Open Educational Resources: Give & Get, Free!

- May - Education Technology can help make your classes more accessible and inclusive

- June - Making Teaching Easier: Time-saving tools in Blackboard



- Feb - Educational Technologies that Promote Active eLearning

- March - Camtasia

- April - Using Learning Analytics to Increase Student Success

- May - Go Paperless: Blackboard Assignments and Inline Grading

- June - Getting Ready for Fall (Training and Workshops link is updated, please click here to Cornerstone for the training schedule)

- Sept - Blackboard Instructor app

- Dec - An Update on COMMS



- April - Who We Are

- May - Flipped Classroom

- June - Hybrid learning

- Sept - Back to School

- Oct - End-to-End Digital Resource Solution - eTexts

- Nov - Problem Based Learning

- Dec - How to Keep Students Engaged in an Online Course




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